Top Home Renovations for 2020

With a new year underway, interior and exterior home trends for 2020 will be taking their inspiration from the beauty of the outdoors. Calgary home builders say high-end materials sourced from nature, such as wood accents, marble and quartz, will be popular renovation choices, while neutral hues of browns, greys and beiges will warm things up, bringing the tranquility of the natural world inside.

According to Reno-Assistance, an online renovation resource for Canadians, interior trends in 2020 will see a move away from high-shine fixtures for kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations in favour of more muted finishes: think brass, brushed copper, matte black and matte white. The warmer, natural palettes noted above will allow high-end materials to be at the forefront, garnering the attention they deserve.

Better kitchen storage is also top of mind for construction companies in Calgary. Reno-Assistance says backsplashes that extend into a shallow shelf, heralding the feel of an old European kitchen, is one concept that’s taking root this year, as well as floor-to-ceiling storage walls for maximum organization. These custom renovations will continue to lead the way, allowing homeowners to make the best use of their unique spaces.

Stylish functionality will continue to transform mudrooms and rear entrances, with beautiful built-in benches and functional yet stylish coat racks making good use of every nook and cranny.

With many older homes in Calgary feeling cramped, renovation contractors often suggest a change to the existing floor plan. Removing some walls and re-imagining the space with an open-concept feel is exactly the refresh that these homes need and will be a common trend this year. Glass railings and glass walls are another sleek and stylish way to keep that open concept flowing.

Another big renovation trend in 2020 is made possible by our ever-smarter Smartphones. Homeowners can now turn their furnaces up or down, control lights in various rooms of their homes, and even change the colour of their lighting – all from their mobile phone. Home controls at your fingertips mean less wasted electricity and more money in your pocket, all with the convenient swipe of a button.

This year, hire a reputable Calgary renovation company to bring your dream home renovation to life. Quality craftsmanship has never looked better.